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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Moments inside my phone

C13, Kolej Kediaman 1, UMP Gambang
~studying for mech. vibration test maybe
~the notes on my bed = stdo heh!
~the double dacker bed was belongs to Ms. Dot and Ms. Yan

C13, Kolej Kediaman 1, UMP Gambang
~still studying la konon

UMP Pekan
~my hostel a.k.a Kolej Kediaman 5 's view
~from the entrance of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
~the cows with their dung (euw!) and the construction of the new hostel
~effect of diarrhea
~pity makciks ha2

AG202, Kolej Kediaman 5, UMP Pekan
~stuff 1
~stuff 2

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