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Monday, January 26, 2009


Repetition = the act or process or an instance of repeating or being repeated.

I've been used this word during Public Speaking class when I gave my critical analysis about speech from Sajjid Zahir Chnoy. Actually at first i was make an error when my mind was keep thinking and my tongue keep saying that simile as a repetition..ahaha i didn't realised it until dr normah was asking me " Is that simile or repetiton?" ehehe malunye sy ms tuh! ^^!

Well that's not the main point for this entry but it still about the repetition thing. I just want to share about the repeated accidents that were happened to me twice for this month. I was being called to write about this because i just got news from ump about the bad incident which is 'langgar lari' and the victim is ump's student. She died at the moment before she arrived HTAA. Fuh kejam punye manusia!

Back to my story, i've been involved with my first terrible accident (actually not really terrible he3) just a week ago.

~17th January 2009~ My parents asked me to take my lil bro from school because they have some matter to be settle at our kampung. I have no problem with it since i have no class at saturday and it just like my routine to take and send my bro to school during my break. As usual my parents will come to ump with 2 cars and they leaved the proton saga to me so that it will make me easier to do my job as a driver to my bros n sis hu3. To make it short, i was successfully bring home my bro and then i have to go back to ump because i have a lot of work to do. Before make a move to ump, i just remembered that i haven't buy any gift to kajol (the next 2 days is kajol's bday) so i decided to go to tunas manja which is located near to my house. I got a box of chocolate for kajol n roti samudera for myself..ok la tu! After i guessed everything at IM was settled, i thought that i can happilly going back to ump. Unfortunately, it was happened. At the moment i want to reversed the car, suddenly kkkrrrreeuuukkkkk.. Huh? wth?? i saw a lorry at my back. Don't say that the crash was my car! Unfortunately again! It was my car! I just like dying and my mind was blank. I thought that maybe my car just had a few scratch and my heart said "xpe lah sket je kut.." since i saw the driver was parked at the other side. Then i decided just going back and check the damaged at ump but my heart felt uneasy. I knew many people saw the incident especially the abangs2 who were lepaking in front of the tuition centre. I didn't have any idea what to do. With a little strength, I went out from the car and checked it and i was soooo shocked! Lampoo kete pecah!! The driver who is chinese came to me and asked "salah sape?" Ak rs cm nk sepak je dis chinese guy neyh!! But i tried to be cool. I knew even i didn't noticed him but the incident was also his fault. So i said, "ni kn jln one way!" Suddenly i just realised that the abangs2 was 'back up'ing me hahah lega la sket..some of them said, "awk relax je dik xyah mrh2 sket je ney, nt dye ok la" Actually i didn't feel like want to get angry to anyone but i just like want to crying a river! I tried to call my parents but failed and i didn't know what should i do and i was all alone! After the driver having a call with his big boss he came to me and gave his business card and said, "u repair dl lps tu call kte.." I just agreed with him since i thought that is the best way and I can call it as 'win win situation'

result of accident 1

-----------end of story 1---------------

~23rd January 2009~ I was going back home earlier since i have no class on Friday and again my father asked me to take my lil bro from school. Ok, no problem! maybe i can overcome my phobia with driving ho3. Actually i hate being on the road at kuantan on friday because there have a LOTTT of vehicles! But ape bole buat, adik punya pasal..After successfully taking my bro, the 2nd accident was starting to happened. I can visualize the scene again and again! My bro n i was caught in a traffic jam about half an hour. I just keep thinking that my bro must go home early for the solat jumaat. I drove safely at my line and when the green light started to count, suddenly i heard dooommm and my bro n i could feel the car vibrated. I just having the time to see what happened through the back mirror since the green light just left about 10 second and hey ak kt tgh jln nk benti cmne?! I saw it was a woman with her kancil trying to enter my line without giving any signal. I just continue driving and left the woman. I asked my bro to check from the car if anything broke or etc, at the same time my mouth keep saying "@#$%^ punya pempuan! x reti sabar ke?" This time i was really really angry because i know that was not my fault plus the day was really hot..panas membara hatiku!!

result of accident 2

----------end of story 2---------------

Moral of the story:

1. Berhati-hati di jalanraya. Ingatlah orang tersayang. Anda mampu mengubahnya!

2. (From my father) Jot down the plat number of the person who was accidentally caused you accident! ---> set it in your brain!

* al Fatihah to saudari Yasmin Che Razali from FKEE

Thursday, January 22, 2009

la tahzan

Ayat ney 1st ak denga ms form 4 kt semsas..maksudnya jangan bersedih. Semalam ak wt sesi luahan perasaan ngn cik dayah lg hu3 entah kali keberapa tatao laa tp pas abes je sesi tu ada la sket kelegaan..yelaa ble kite share problem with others at least bebanan tu dapatla dikurangkan sket..

Teringat satu ayat al Quran yang maksudnya :

""Allah tidak membebani seseorang itu melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya." - Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 286

So kepada cik dayah n diri ak sendiri jangan la sedih2 lg..meh kita hepikan diri same2 eh he3 =]

Friday, January 16, 2009


Baru-baru ney hati ak cm terbukak nk dgr IKIM fm so ak pn pegi la ke frekuensi 89.6 Masa tu tgh ad tazkirah dari sorg ustaz, suara dye cm familiar tp ak x sure sape name ustaz tu hu2..Ak tertarik dgn tazkirah dye masa tu n antara input yg ak dgr n smpt ak catatkan adalah berkenaan dengan kesempurnaan seorang mukmin.

Kesempurnaan seorang mukmin tu antaranya adalah apabila:
1. Tidak mencari keaiban orang lain apabila dilihat kekurangan ada pada diri sendiri

2. Tidak akan bersuara sehingga betul-betul pasti sama ada kata-katanya adalah ketaatan atau kemaksiatan kepada Allah

3. Akan melakukan kebaikan kepada manusia seperti mana dia suka diperlakukan sedemikian

4. Akan memberi kepada manusia sebagaimana dia merasakan dia berhak

Lately, ak selalu tengok pelbagai situasi di mana satu pihak sentiasa menyalahkan pihak yang lain sedangkan diri sendiri pn entahkan betul entahkan tidak. Kalau dilihat dari sudut isu global seperti penghapusan etnik palestin oleh israel laknatullah sekarang ney pun kita x boleh la hanya menuding jari pada israel semata-mata sedangkan org Islam sendiri pn masih lg x bersatu. Ak byk kali terbaca yang selagi jemaah solat subuh x seramai jemaah solat jumaat selagi tu lah yahudi xkan takut dengan Islam.

Kali ney ak just bwk cth isu besar tp sebenarnya apa yang ak nk smpaikan ney sebenarnya berkait dengan apa yang berlaku kt sekeliling ak skang ney. Ak pn same suka sangat salahkan org laen tp bila fikir balik ak sendiri pn byk yg x betulnya.

Konklusinya, antara kita ney xde yang sempurna so jgn la selalu sgt memburukkan org lain. Ak menasihati dr sendiri n rakan2 sume. Yang baik amik la sbg pengajaran n yg buruk tu jadikan sempadan. Wallahualam.

Friday, January 9, 2009

wake up guys!

latest news that i've read, 763 Palestinians murdered by Israel in Gaza (more than 230 children & 100 women) & 3100 injured.

p/s: semalam birthday MAK yg DICINTAI =]

Sunday, January 4, 2009

hepi bday dayah!


Actually da lame nak tulis pasal mende alah ney tapi disebabkan internet kat ump ney tersangatlah bagusnye sampaikan skype pun selalu pusing2 so lambat la ak wish bday saudari
Nur Hidayah Maslan kt blog ak neyh (sebab da janji ngn dye hu3)

Ak n semua ahli jawatankuasa pelaksana program rmwd (felda bukit puchong) dengan jayanya telah menyambut becoming bday cik dayah yg ke 21 sejurus selepas tamat postmortem program..wahaha cik dayah suda besa skang!!
Jgn nakal2 ye!!

dayah + kek bday + kak fani hu2