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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Orang muda cepat marah

A few weeks ago, I went back home with a tons of anger. I brought along with my draft 1 of my thesis which has been completely checked by my supervisor and examiner. I was so upset receiving the draft with full of red colours on it. And yes I felt down for a while. Meanwhile, I regret for the silly mistake that I have done which is just simply submit the Borang Pengesahan Status Tesis without realized that the name inside was belongs to SITI HAJAR BTE MOHD NOH. (Puii kat diri sendiri!) Fortunately, it was still a draft and I still have time to replace it with my name and my project. However, when I went through the draft, I was shocked seeing how the examiner comments my project. Slowly my anger increased and my mind keeps telling that I have to see him no matter what. The project was my pride and I am not plainly buying the product from the market even though I admit that before this I have been lost and give up with this project. But still with the helps from friends and lecturers, I managed to do what I can.

Nevertheless, when I met the examiner, I found that he was so different with the person who comments on the thesis before. Once I make him clear about the project, then he understand and just asked me to proceed what I have done. He said that all the comments are from his points of view without explanation from others. Hearing that, makes me relieved for a while and then I realized that I should not put the blame on him. He just doing his job checking the draft and it was not his fault for not comprehend my project when there was no one explained to him while he was doing the job. This experience makes me learn that a youngster like me is easy to get angry even for the simple matters like this. What we have to do is stay calm and don’t easy to put the blame on others. Throw all the negative thinking to them. We still have time to communicate and find the good solution.


  1. aku xde pen merah ni. tapi nk betulkan jugak.

    "He said that all the comments are from his points of view without explanation from others."

    tau x apa dia cuba sampaikan kt hang? dia cuba cakap:

    "lu tau x apa tu report? kasi org yg baca boleh faham 100% apa yg u buat tanpa SAPA SAPA EXPLAIN. kalau lu mau saya faham ini report dengan ada explanation, lebih baik xpayah buat report, lu bentangkan saja depan gua"

    seriuosly. beliau melayan anda dgn baik. kwn aku hari tu kena mcm ni oh. ayat SV dia lbih kurang gitu la.

    nseb hg baik tikah..

  2. ternganga ak bace ayat mung azeem!

    tapi seriously examiner ak baek. dia banyak bagi reccomendations dari kondem tak tentu hala. same goes to my panels ^^v

  3. haha. lucky u then. make this a lesson for u. ingat ye tikah. report ialah hasil kajian anda. hasil kajian dimana org xperlu cari penulis utk faham. baca je dh faham. unless ada soalan la. =)