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Monday, January 16, 2012

new new new


Hi all! Happy new year! Yes, I know I am late but who cares right? hehehe. This new year, I have 2 BIG missions to start. Fuhhh sangat berdebar. Everyday I'm thinking, "mampukah?". These new things is really new and challenge me. Hopefully, Allah will make it easier for me. 

Ahah, today I just found Dr. Halina's blog and suddenly I started to like her. I thought that she was just a doctor, but hey, she is good, inspiring and cute mommy too. Moms to be would love her like I do. I read all entries you know (that is why this post wrote in english hehe) and I also learnt a lot from her blog and one of it is from this quote,
If either one of you wins in an argument between each other, it’s a losing battle for your marriage.
Thank you doctor. You really made my day :D